Top 10 Most Viewed RealTalkNY Exclusive Videos For 2010

By 12.14.10

RealTalkNY established itself as one of the top destinations for exclusive video content in 2010. With our videos being seen on various top websites, talked about on radio and even shown on TV. It is hard to find a Hip Hop fan who has not seen our logo with over 4 million views on youtube this year alone. So take some time to check out or most viewed videos for 2010 and prepare for a lot more exclusives in 2011.

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10.Ludacris & Trey Songz' "Sex Room" (170k)

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I took a trip out to Sin City to catch the behind the scenes of Ludacris and Trey Songz, “Sex Room,” video. The video took place in The Palms’, “Hugh Hefner,” suite which goes for up to 30k a night! I was at the set of the shoot all day 12 p.m. to 3a.m. and then went straight to the airport. It was a looooooong day but was worth it. I met director Chris Robinson for the first time and he told me he checks RealTalkNY daily.

9.Kanye Performs "Mama's Boyfriends" (187k)

I got a last second invite to a Kanye West secret show from out of nowhere. The catch was I had to be dressed in a suit and doors didn’t open until midnight. So I made my way out in the rain because this was something I couldn’t miss. Kanye West performed various hits along with this track which ended up not making the album.

8.Jay-Z & Eminem Perform "Renegade" (201k)

A very rare moment in Hip Hop, Jay-Z and Eminem on the same stage performing, “Renegade.” To top it off Jay-Z and Drake perform, “Light It Up,” for the first time ever.

7.Fabolous Speaks On Soulja Boy (230k)

At the peak of the Fabolous vs Soulja Boy beef I was able to get Fabolous to speak on the situation. He also addressed internet sensations at the time, Kat Stacks and Brian Pumper.

6.Eminem Performs With Dr.Dre (246k)

Eminem hasn’t been on a major tour in a while, so anytime he has a big show you can expect classic moments. Eminem and Dr.Dre on the same stage is a rare sight so I had to make sure I was there to get the footage for his fans to see.

5.Rihanna Molests Nicki Minaj (283k)

During Nicki Minaj’s star studded album release concert, Rihanna came out to perform, “Fly.” On the way out Rihanna made sure to take a grab at Nicki Minaj’s assets. This clip was actually shown on the Lopez Tonight show during Nicki Minaj’s interview.

4.Terrell Owens At Rucker Park (336k)

I took a trip out to Harlem to catch Terrell Owns team face Chad Ochocinco’s team. Recording the game was tough on the sideline and I didn’t have a lens with a good enough zoom but I managed to get this shaky clip that took off.

3.Ciara Performs Pretty Girl Swag (339k)

So I hit up Power Live in NYC and managed to get Ciara killing this performance. But before her performance there was pouring rain and crazy wind for about 15 minutes straight, and yes the show was out doors. It was to the point people thought the show would be canceled, but I waited it out and got this clip for the people.

2.Jay-Z Brings Out Kanye West & Nicki Minaj (374k)

In this classic Hip Hop moment Jay-Z brings out Kanye West and Nicki Minaj to perform, “Monster,” for the first time ever. This came after Jay-Z and Kanye West performed the, “Power,” remix for the first time as well.

1.Lil Kim Disses Nicki Minaj (482k)

I got a message around 4 in the morning that Lil Kim went off on Nicki Minaj in a club in Queens. I knew I had to be the first to post this so I stayed up until 6 in the A.M. to make sure RealTalkNY had the exclusive. I found the, “erase your social security,” line classic lol. Shout out to my sister getting this on her cell phone.

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