Tupac’s ‘One Nation’ Album Was Supposedly Going To Feature Biggie And Mobb Deep

By: 09.16.16

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Before Tupac was gunned down in a Las Vegas drive-by shooting, the Death Row rapper was planning on releasing a collaborative album that would’ve seen him bringing East Coast and West Coast rappers together during a time of heavy friction. It’s been talked about for years that Pac’s “One Nation” album was going to feature collaborations with E-40, Outkast, the Outlawz, Smif-n-Wessun, Greg Nice, Buckshot and others. However, a name never mentioned before was Biggie. Until now.

Fader chopped it up with Bokeem Woodbine recently and the Fargo star said Pac had plans to hash things out with Big. While on the set of Pac’s “I Ain’t Mad At Cha” video which starred Woodbine, the prolific actor claims Pac told him he was working on getting Biggie and Mobb Deep on his unity album.

“He had a plan to put everybody together on one record and just squash the beef,” Woodbine said. “He wanted to take the power away from the labels that were exploiting the situation. It angered him that they were profiting; he wanted to stop the cash flow. It wasn’t something I was supposed to tell people about, you know what I’m saying? I honored that, and I just waited for that record to come out. But unfortunately, as you know, it never did.”

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