Wale Keeps Up His ‘Winning’ Ways With His Upbeat New Track

By: 09.23.16

Getty Image

Life is extremely good for Wale right now. He recently celebrated the birth of his baby daughter as well as his own birthday a few days ago, turning 31 in the process. He’s also taking a self-imposed social media break, which is probably a shared W for fans just as much as it is for the rapper, but let’s keep the vibes 100% positive here.

To celebrate all of his good fortune, Wale released a new tune, “Stay Winning,” featuring international counterparts Afro B and Sneakbo. Everything about the song is upbeat and vibrant. The guests do a lot to make things that way, especially Afro B’s melodic and easily memorable hook. Wale manages to maintain the spotlight by cooking up his usual mix of sports references, humblebrags and confidence that we’ve come to know and love — or at least appreciate.

“They don’t like me, I don’t like them
My Nike go for like 10
I might be with a lot of b*tches
But the main goal keep my BM in the Benz yeah”

There’s no definitive word on whether “Stay Winning” will make the cut for his upcoming album S.H.I.N.E.. So, for now, just soak up the vibes and enjoy the fact Wale’s in in a good space.

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