YG And DJ Mustard Are Releasing A Joint Mixtape Called ‘400 Summers’ And Here’s Why It’s Great News

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A lot has changed since YG and DJ Mustard had a falling out shortly after My Krazy Life. The two have moved in different directions. YG taking a more real approach on his sophomore album, resulting in the non-official presidential anthem “FDT.” DJ Mustard has still produced quite a bit, but nothing that’s caught on like his earlier work. The two reconciled in April and now are planning a mixtape together.

The mixtape will be titled 400 Summers, a combination of YG and Mustard’s 400 and 10 Summers brands, respectively. Mustard said he wasn’t supposed to share the news, but it’s doing more good than harm. When Still Brazy came out and didn’t feature any of his production, fans were a little disappointed. They reunited too late in the process, but because of that we now get an entire tape.

Before YG became as big as he is now, he was merely a rapper on the mixtape circuit signed to Def Jam who couldn’t get a budget. He had a hit in 2009, but hits fade and so does popularity. Instead, YG and Mustard took the music world by storm and put out mixtapes that escalated both of their popularity to the point where Def Jam couldn’t ignore the Bompton rapper. A smart move, but what do they have to prove now returning to the scene? The answer is nothing.

A YG and DJ Mustard mixtape at this point is like a celebratory lap. More of a look at how far they’ve come in their careers. It’ll be a nod to the fans who were down since day one, too. Hopefully it’s structured like the old style of YG projects, and that he keeps the concept projects centered around his albums. Separating the two is essential and part of why he’s been able to achieve such successful. Just give the fans some music to bump at house parties, in the streets, and at 1 AM dancing in the club. It’s all we’re asking for.

As far as a release date, there isn’t one yet. We can infer from the title that this isn’t going to come out in October though.

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