’30 Rock’ – ‘I Do Do’: Jack and Carol and Nancy and Avery

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05.21.10 45 Comments


A quick review of the “30 Rock” season finale coming up just as soon as I implement Sky Law…

After last week’s hilarious season outlier, “30 Rock” was back in more muddled form for the finale. There were funny throwaway lines and moments (Nancy comparing Jack’s situation to “that Mormon guy on the HBO show who was in that tornado movie with the girl with the forehead who was married to that Jewish guy,” the meta-joke with Nancy complaining about Avery’s ridiculous Maryland accent, Moon Vest loudly playing an indie rock song over Jack’s attempt to talk to Avery, ala “Chuck” and “Grey’s Anatomy” and all the other shows that do that), but it was another largely flat episode, and one that leaned too heavily on the guest stars.

I like all of Matt Damon, Julianne Moore, Elizabeth Banks and Michael Sheen independently, but so many of them all together was just too much. Nancy and Wesley seem out of the picture now but Avery should be around a while. I’ll be curious to see what happens with Carol, given that Matt Damon is a bit too busy to join the cast full-time. If Liz screws it up again, then it’s just another tired case of Liz Lemon, romantic screw-up. On the other hand, Carol being an airline pilot gives the show a built-in excuse to not show him very much, or at all, but to have Liz be in a mostly function, if intermittent, relationship. (He would be like the apocryphal girlfriend who lives in Canada.)

But overall, I’d like for the show to rely less on outside characters next season and get back to more of Liz and Jack (and to a lesser extent Pete) trying to corral all the egos and insanity at “TGS.”

What did everybody else think?

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