Ask Alan: What TV crossovers work, and why?

08.12.16 11 months ago 11 Comments

Happy Friday, everybody! Ask Alan is on a sporadic schedule at the moment thanks to press tour and some other summer business, but I happened to be at HitFix’s LA offices earlier this week, which meant I was able to film a segment hitting on three recent questions, including Emmy categories I’d like to add(*), long TV title sequences I always watch even when binging, and my hopes for the Brooklyn 99/New Girl crossover.

(*) As often happens after I’m about to publish one of these videos, an additional answer occurred to me: some kind of dramedy category or categories. On the one hand, it would solve the problem of shows like Transparentor Orange Is the New Blackhaving to compete with shows that are more comedic or dramatic than they are, respectively. On the other, it feels like it would be impossible to draw absolute lines between drama, comedy, and dramedy, and would lead to much more gaming of the system.

While in town, I also chatted with new Fandemonium host Miri Jedeikin about The Night Of so far.

The video’s embedded below. As always, you can send questions to, or tweet at me with the hashtag #AskAlanDay. Not sure when I’ll be able to record the next show, but hopefully soon-ish.

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