Ask Alan: What superheroes should the other ‘Parks and Rec’ actors play?

07.31.15 2 years ago 13 Comments

It’s been two Fridays since the last Ask Alan, so it’s time once again to take your questions about TV in the past, present, and future. This week, I was able to squeeze in four questions (with the help of a visual aid I keep in my office for just such an occasion), though one of the answers is slightly out of date. I recorded the video a couple of days ago, and yesterday at press tour, HBO’s Michael Lombardo said that he very much wants another season of “True Detective.” That doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to happen, but it’s certainly a big public show.

I’m in LA next week for press tour, then taking a few days off when I return, so the next video may not come for three weeks instead of the usual two. But please keep sending pithy questions in to and I’ll keep doing my best to answer them.

Thanks for watching!

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