Ask Alan: Will the ‘Deadwood’ movie ever really happen?

01.14.16 2 years ago 8 Comments

Happy Thursday, everybody! Due to my TCA travels, Ask Alan is on a slightly odd schedule of late, and you may notice a different background in today’s video (which is embedded at the top and bottom of this post), since I recorded it last Friday while ducking away from press tour to visit the HitFix offices. (Now I want more props in my office back home!)

The “Deadwood” movie “news” was fresh when I recorded this, so I touched on that before taking questions about TV’s greatest miniseries (which is different from my favorite miniseries), why a “Parks and Rec” fan might have a harder time watching “The Office” reruns these days, and whether we’ll ever have another mass hit like “Friends.”

As always, you can send questions to In theory, the next episode will be back on Fridays, and filmed from the friendly Jersey confines.

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