At the movies: What were your favorite films of 2010?

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01.02.11 69 Comments

I write about TV for a living, and I’m a dad, and when you intersect those two particular sets, in the overlap lives a guy who doesn’t go to the movies very often anymore. But every now and then on the old blog I would write up a movie if I got to see it while it was still in theaters (as I did in these parts for “Inception”). And over this slow TV period at the end of December/start of January, it’s always fun to ask about the best movies everybody’s seen in the past year.

Between the handful of times I went to a theater, random screenings at events like Comic-Con, and things I’ve seen on DVD, I’m probably into the double digits on notable 2010 releases, including some of the big Oscar contenders like “Black Swan” (memorably strange), “The Fighter” (great supporting performances, but not a great movie), “The Social Network” (entertaining and well-crafted but a bit hollow) and “Winter’s Bone” (tremendous atmosphere and a great breakout performance by Jennifer Lawrence). I also got to see some fun stuff that won’t sniff Oscar (“Scott Pilgrim”), a high-concept comedy that didn’t really work for me (“Hot Tub Time Machine”), a disappointing sequel (“Iron Man 2”) and an incredible sequel (“Toy Story 3”), to name a few others.

Obviously, I haven’t seen remotely as many movies as HitFix’s movie critics Drew McWeeny and Greg Ellwood, who recently put out their own Top 10 lists. But based on the limited subset of films I did see this year, I’d have to say that “Toy Story 3” was the best. (And because my daughter’s the right age, I have seen it a lot.) Both the incinerator scene and the final sequence never fail to mess me up, and I wouldn’t be surprised if, with the distance of time, I viewed it as the best thing Pixar’s done so far, and we all know how great most of Pixar’s output is.

But whether you saw a lot of movies in 2010 or only a few, I’m curious what your favorite was, and (without giving too much away for the benefit of those who haven’t seen them) why.

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