‘Blue Bloods’ – ‘Pilot’: The family that polices together…

Senior Television Writer
09.25.10 17 Comments


As I’ve said at various points this week, the shows I’ve elected not to review for time reasons haven’t necessarily been the ones I hated, but the ones I had little to say about. “Blue Bloods” was definitely one of those. Cast with a bunch of actors I like (Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, even Nick Turturro as an NYPD cop again), solidly-executed, promise of some larger arc in addition to whatever cases Donnie and company work, etc. Nothing really wrong with it, but also nothing that really excited me, either. (The case in particular was both manipulative and dull.)

There’s been some showrunner turnover, so maybe I’ll check back on it in a few weeks to see what kind of show it’s become, but in the meantime, what did everybody else think?

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