‘Bob’s Burgers’ – ‘Human Flesh’: Fine young cannibals

Senior Television Writer
01.09.11 16 Comments


I didn’t quite have time to write a review of “Bob’s Burgers” – or, rather, I might have had time but wasn’t sure what to say about it. The strange, deadpan style of creator Loren Bouchard can be an acquired taste, and it doesn’t always work (I liked “Dr. Katz” a lot more than “Home Movies”), but I like a lot of the voice actors (particularly H. Jon Benjamin from “Archer” and Kristen Schaal), and I think maybe there’s a show here. But I think the only time I laughed at this first episode was the gag about the Burger of the Day.

Right now, I advise you to go watch Fienberg’s video interview with some members of the voice cast, which is itself very strange, but also quite funny. And then for those of you who watched “Bob’s Burgers,” what did you think?

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