‘Cougar Town’ – ‘Damaged By Love’: Rollerskate skinny

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05.12.11 19 Comments


A quick review of last night’s “Cougar Town” coming up just as soon as I put a question mark at the end of a sentence???

Bit of an uneven episode last night, with several running gags that worked some of the time but not others. Grayson’s rollerblading ineptitude, for instance, was funny at the beginning and then got way overplayed until it turned into some kind of leftover JD gag from the later seasons of “Scrubs.” And I enjoyed Ellie’s frustration at her sister-in-law’s flirting with Andy (particularly her various insults to Laurie, like her half-whispered “Sometimes, you look like a dude”) far more than I enjoyed watching Nia Vardalos get creepy with her real-life husband. On the other hand, the gag about Andy not speaking Spanish did have a good payoff in the tag, and was the one time I laughed at his sister-in-law’s inappropriateness.

On the other hand, Ken Jenkins remains a perfect fit for this show’s mix of goofiness and sentimentality, and the journey to the low-rent, understaffed(*) strip club as an unsuccessful attempt to shake Travis out of his funk was as funny and mortifying as intended. (“Three-dollar drizzle.” Heh.)

(*) Destiny, the lone stripper on duty, was played by Crista Flanagan, who will always be Lois the runaway lawnmower driver from “Mad Men.”

Not great, but amusing enough.

What did everybody else think?

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