‘Cougar Town’ – ‘Lonesome Sundown’: Kirsten vs. the ring

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05.05.11 18 Comments


A quick review of last night’s “Cougar Town” coming up just as soon as I’m a spoon-licking bagel waster…

“Lonesome Sundown” was a solid but unspectacular outing, with one great idea in Laurie setting up the Council (something the gang had to try at some point, and something that couldn’t possibly work long-term given the emotional health of the crew) and one problematic idea in Jules and Bobby swapping homes. The Bobby half of that (sumo wrestling with Andy, for instance) was fun, if brief, while Jules on the boat required more of Courteney Cox solo act than is maybe wise.

On the other hand, Josh Hopkins was on freaking fire in this one, from Grayson’s awkward high-pitched voice when trying to show an interest in Travis’ personal life to his giddy reaction to Lou Diamond Phillips complimenting his jewelry. And the serious stuff between Travis and Grayson was among the show’s best emotional material in a while. Yes, the break-up is being driven by outside forces (Collette Wolfe was cast in a pilot), but we’ve spent enough time on this relationship, and Dan Byrd is a good enough actor, that I felt genuinely bad for poor Trav when Kirsten ran away from him at the beach.

Sounds like the season’s remaining episodes are going to be heavy on Travis. I look forward to seeing what they have cooking.

What did everybody else think?

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