‘Cougar Town’ – ‘Makin’ Some Noise’: You got served! (And owned!)

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10.07.10 38 Comments


A quick review of last night’s “Cougar Town” coming up just as soon as I explain the difference between “served” and “owned”…

The Knicks have a backup point guard named Toney Douglas who during summer league last year said his plan for his rookie year was to “Do what Toney Douglas do.” Do What Toney Douglas Do quickly became his nickname (that, or the DWTDD acronym) among the poor, masochstic Knicks blogosphere, and you would see game recaps where a predictable Douglas effort (strong defense, good three-point shooting, uneven playmaking) would be summed up simply as “Toney Douglas did what he do.”

I bring this up because at this point, I’m sorely tempted to start referring to this show as Do What “Cougar Town” Do – not just because Bill Lawrence and Kevin Beigel have turned the title card into a revolving running gag (this week it was “Badly Titled Cougar Town”), but because this show has its own weird little thing, it does it every week, and it makes me happy, and I’m not sure what more there is to say beyond that.

This week, like usual, we got random nicknames (Square-Head/Not-Bobby), silly games (Wine ‘N Spy), goofy outfits (Grayson’s tight jeans, Bobby’s half-shirt) boundary-pushing behavior (everyone at Travis’ dorm), Ellie/Laurie gamesmanship, a good Grayson song, etc. Just fun, and if the episode had contained nothing but Laurie’s “I thought it was to represent Compton” line, I’d have been pleased enough.

I don’t want the show to go into a creative tailspin to give me a new angle to write about, but given how little variance there is from week to week in either style or quality, I’m trying to think how I can keep one of my favorite shows in the rotation without just listing things I found funny in it.

But as for the episode itself, what did everybody else think?

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