‘Cougar Town’ – ‘Walls’: Penny can for your thoughts?

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04.18.11 16 Comments


“Cougar Town” is back, boys and girls. Earlier today, I posted an interview with co-creator Bill Lawrence, and now I have a quick review of tonight’s episode coming up just as soon as I carry on the message of .38 Special…

One of the things I talked about with Lawrence was his awareness that the writers had taken Jules’ clingy, overprotective relationship with Travis as far as it could go, and that they’re going to move off of that very soon. And that was a relief to hear, because the A-story of “Walls” (which I watched before I spoke with Lawrence) featured Jules at her most annoying, and was a little tough to sit through at times. It was good to hear Ellie call her out on it near the end – “The clingy mom act? It’s not cute anymore.” – and hopefully we get little to none of that going forward.

The B-story about the gang using Penny Can to make Bobby some cash, on the other hand? So much fun, and so worth the wait during the hiatus. In particular, Laurie’s radio ad was brilliant in its absolute horribleness (I especially liked Laurie dubbing them “the fun police” and thinking that was a good idea), and as mentioned in the interview, good things may happen for you if you call the number in the ad – and sometimes even if it’s Bill answering the phone.

Wednesday’s regular timeslot episode is the much better of the two airing this week, but I am a sucker for all things Penny Can.

What did everybody else think?

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