‘Cougar Town’ – ‘When the Time Comes’: I married a Care Bear

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11.24.10 20 Comments


As I mentioned in tonight’s “Modern Family” review, the combination of Thanksgiving eve and a lack of advance screeners means I’m going to have to be quick with a couple of shows tonight. My super-fast take on tonight’s “Cougar Town” coming up just as soon as I use intentional gibberish…

There were, as usual, a lot of funny running gags in this one – particularly Bobby’s gibberish, but also Laurie’s attempt to out-outfit Katy Perry, Andy’s unbreakable optimism(*), the Zach Braff app-app, Kevin (Tinker from “Friday Night Lights”) being on his phone the whole night, etc. But while I appreciate the attempt to take Jules and Grayson seriously as a couple on occasion, their story here definitely lagged behind the others, and it also seemed to go against what Bill Lawrence told me back at press tour about how he didn’t want to be doing couple stories about them very much. (That, or we need to brace ourselves for a Jules/Grayson splt, which I don’t particularly want to see – not because I’m so invested, but because a messy split would get in the way of the show’s fun, comfy vibe.) 

(*) Andy’s belief that things will work out was one of several subplots this week with odd “Seinfeld” echoes. That show also did an episode about how things always go well for Jerry in the end, often with lost things turning up, as well as one where George didn’t get an “I love you” back.

What did everybody else think?

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