Emmys ’11 Predictions: Outstanding Comedy Series

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09.14.11 27 Comments


The 2011 Primetime Emmy Awards are on September 18th, and it’s time once again for Fienberg and I to discuss whom we think should and will win(*) some of the major categories. In the home stretch now, so no more doubling up, as we look at the nominees for Outstanding Comedy Series.

(*) As always, we remind you we do not have impressive track records at prognostication. Place your wagers (or, preferably not) accordingly.

Your nominees:

“30 Rock”

“The Big Bang Theory”


“Modern Family”

“The Office”

“Parks and Recreation”

Should win

Alan’s pick: If you’ve been reading these Emmy posts over the last week-plus – or if you’ve been reading my writing for the last two years – then you know the only answer to this question (especially since neither “Louie” nor “Community” were nominated) was “Parks and Recreation.” The show pitched a perfect season, one without a dud episode, one that was consistently funny and sweet and just plain happy.

Dan’s pick: “Parks and Recreation” was the best comedy on TV this year. It’s cause for celebration that it was nomination at all, but since it was nominated, how would I pick anything else? That being said, “30 Rock” had a great bounce-back year. And “The Office” had chunks of a very good season (and other less-good chunks). And “Modern Family,” which won last year, is a fine show itself. But yeah. No-brainer.

Will win

Alan’s pick: Season-long excellence unfortunately doesn’t matter as much with the way the Emmy process works. Each group of voters will see only a pair of episodes, and the best two episodes of “Modern Family” or “30 Rock” would stack up very well against the two best “Parks and Rec”s, even if those other shows get thinner the deeper you go down the roster. Because of that, because “Parks and Rec” got only a handful of nominations (which indicates lukewarm support from the Academy as a whole), and because so many Academy members are clearly big “Modern Family” fans, I’m assuming it repeats.

Dan’s pick: When every single adult member of your regular cast gets nominated for Emmys, that’s a solid sign that you have the support of Emmy voters, eh? “Modern Family” also got a slew of writing nods, a slew of directing nods and as much as I hate to be boring and echo Alan, it’s going to repeat as Outstanding Comedy Series. The previously unbeatable “30 Rock” would be my most likely second choice. But yeah… “Modern Family.” I’m boring.

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