Firewall & Iceberg Podcast, episode 178: ‘Rectify,’ Amazon pilots, ‘Mad Men’ & more

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04.22.13 11 Comments



After last week’s longest-ever Firewall & Iceberg Podcast episode, Dan and I were back to a more normal length – and the new normal apparently means 90+ minutes – in what would have been a light week if Amazon hadn’t suddenly decided to crowdsource 80-billion new TV pilots. So we talked about those, and “Rectify,” and “Mad Men” as usual, and also found time to post-mortem “Suburgatory” season 2 and answer a few letters.

The lineup:

“Rectify” (00:00:50 – 00:14:55)
Amazon pilots including “Zombieland,” “Onion News Empire,” “Browsers” and “Alpha House” (00:15:00 – 00:43:15)
Listener Mail: Changing episodic structure (00:43:35 – 00:51:05)
Listener Mail: Successful summer dumps (00:51:45 – 00:57:00)
“Suburgatory” finale (00:57:00 – 01:12:35)
“Mad Men” (01:12:40 – 01:36:10)
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