Firewall & Iceberg Podcast, episode 204: The ‘Breaking Bad’ finale

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09.30.13 39 Comments


We could have done a very long Firewall & Iceberg Podcast today in which we discussed all the mediocre-to-terrible new network shows that are debuting this week, before finally getting to the “Breaking Bad” series finale. But as Dan and I talked about it, we decided that today, “Breaking Bad” was the only thing worth discussing, and that nobody should have to sit through our discussions of “Super Fun Night” and “The Millers” to get there. If we have time tomorrow or the next day, we’ll do a second podcast reviewing all the new shows, but for today, here’s an abbreviated but entirely “BB”-focused installment.

And please note that this is not the all-“Breaking Bad” retrospective podcast we’ve discussed, and that we’ll be doing later this fall when we’ve gotten clear of all the premieres and have had more time to reflect on the finale. So if you have questions you’d like answered in such a show, hit us at the email link below.

The rundown:

“Breaking Bad” finale (00:00:00 – 00:41:20)

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