Firewall & Iceberg Podcast, episode 211

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11.18.13 18 Comments


Happy Monday, boys and girls – for the last time. No, the Firewall & Iceberg Podcast isn’t going away, but it is moving to later in the week, as a logistical piece of next week’s launch of the Firewall & Iceberg video show. Dan and I explain how things will work at the top of an eclectic show that includes a review of a new HBO show, a look at the “Doctor Who” 50th anniversary, Dan’s Reality Round-Up and more.

The rundown:

Explanation of Things To Come (00:01:00 – 00:05:40)
“Getting On” (00:05:40 – 00:17:55)
“An Adventure in Space and Time” (00:17:55 – 00:27:45)
Dan’s Reality Round-Up (00:27:45 – 00:45:15)
The resurrection of “The Killing” (00:45:15 – 00:54:05)
Listener Mail – “Walking Dead” (w/spoilers) (00:54:25 – 01:07:30)
Listener Mail – FXX (01:07:35 – 01:16:45)
Listener Mail – “Orange Is The New Black” awards classification (01:16:50 –  01:23:05)

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There’s also now a complete archive of all the podcasts to date.
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Alan Sepinwall has been writing about television since the mid-'90s. He's the author of "The Revolution Was Televised," about the rise of TV's new golden age, and co-author of "TV (The Book): Two Experts Pick the Greatest American Shows of All Time."

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