Firewall & Iceberg Podcast, episode 223

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03.26.14 9 Comments


Hey, remember the Firewall & Iceberg podcast? Due to recent travels by both me and Dan, not to mention a bit of a slow period in between the end of the Olympics and the flood of April premieres, we haven’t done a podcast in a few weeks. That changed today, however, as Dan and I got on the line – with the usual iffiness from Skype – to discuss the recent Emmy categorization news, the fate of “Enlisted” (a segment recorded before FOX announced that the show was being pulled from the schedule after this week’s episode), the death of James Rebhorn and the recent finales of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “Girls.” And there is so much stuff debuting next week that even with the video show and the podcast, we may not be able to contain it all.

The rundown:

Here’s today’s breakdown:
Listener Mail – Emmy category moves (00:01:50 – 00:20:25)
Listener Mail – The future of “Enlisted” (00:20:32 – 00:28:10)
James Rebhorn (00:28:10 – 00:31:30)
“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” finale (00:31:55 – 00:47:10)
“Girls” finale – (00:47:20 – 01:09:50)
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