Firewall & Iceberg Show, episode 17: ‘Veep,’ Emmy ballot weirdness & more

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06.10.14 18 Comments

Happy Tuesday, boys and girls! It's a bit of a slow week in TV (and of course next week a gajillion scripted shows premiere), but there was still enough for a full Firewall & Iceberg Show, including a new ABC Family drama that we may be inclined to stick with for a bit, a discussion of the wonderful “Veep” season finale, a deep dive into Emmy category madness (before Dan and I start our annual Emmy nominations experiment tomorrow), and a new approach to the familiar desert island question. 

The rundown:

0:00- 6:02– “Chasing Life” Review
6:02- 10:58– Viewer Mail: Desert Island TV network
10:58- 22:54– Emmy ballot analysis
22:54– 29:45- “Veep” finale review

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And if you just want to see the “Veep” segment:

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