‘Friday Night Lights’ – ‘East of Dillon’: We happy few, we band of brothers

Senior Television Writer
05.07.10 29 Comments


As mentioned in yesterday’s review of “Friday Night Lights” season four, I reviewed all the episodes for this season on my old blog as they aired on DirecTV. Because I can’t bring content from the old blog over here, each week I’m going to link to those reviews so you can see what I and the DirecTV audience thought of them back in the fall, then discuss them here.

First up: the season premiere, “East of Dillon,” in which Coach finds out just how raw a deal he has at his new school, Riggins makes some new friends, and the McCoys go full-on evil. Go read the review and – keeping in mind that we will not be discussing, or even hinting at, anything that happens in episodes that have yet to air on NBC – tell me what you thought of the episode.

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