FX renews ‘You’re the Worst’ & ‘Married’ for longer second seasons

Senior Television Writer
09.30.14 23 Comments


Today, FX is not the worst. It is the best, for having renewed “You’re the Worst” – and also “Married.”

Despite modest ratings, FX has ordered second seasons of both of its new summer comedies – with 13-episode orders, instead of this year’s 10 – though only “Married” will remain on the main channel. Season 2 of “You’re the Worst” will move over to sister channel FXX, which was always meant to be home to the younger-skewing shows in the FX empire. (And which no longer seems like a dumping ground for no-hoper projects now that Every “Simpsons” Ever made the world aware that FXX exists.)

I was skeptical of both comedies when they debuted, but I fell very hard for “You’re the Worst” by the end, and grew to mostly like “Married” the further we got from that show’s unpleasant pilot episode. With two channels to populate – especially with FXX being treated like an actual thing again – FX needs more product, and I’m glad to see the executives there sticking with two shows that have the creative goods even if the ratings haven’t been there yet. That’s an approach that’s paid off handsomely with another current FXX resident in “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” and while I don’t know that either of these will have a decade-plus lifespan, it’s good to see good work being rewarded with patience.

What does everybody else think? Can we do Sunday Funday on a Tuesday?

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