‘Glee’ – ‘Audition’: New voices, same old direction

Senior Television Writer
09.21.10 20 Comments


In a less cuckoo-bananas week, I might actually do a write-up on the “Glee” season premiere, which introduced a bunch of new characters (I quite liked Dot Jones as the new football coach), set up new stakes/tensions for the characters, had a bunch of songs, and opened with a very meta sequence in which Ryan Murphy essentially used Kurt to dismiss all criticism of the first season. But I have to do some writing triage here, and frankly there are shows I care about a lot more that I’d rather spend the time on something else.

Still, I saw the premiere, and as I’ve said before, I often find the response to “Glee” more interesting than the show itself, so I’ll open up the floor for y’all to discuss what you thought of it, and perhaps when the rest of my schedule slows down within a few weeks, I’ll check back in on how the new year is going.

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