‘Grimm’ – ‘Tarantella’: Along came a spider

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02.10.12 41 Comments


“Grimm” has surprised me a bit by still being on NBC’s schedule this late in the season. It’s not that I hated the show (as you can see in my initial review), but simply that it didn’t seem remarkable enough to survive on Friday nights, on NBC, opposite a couple of pre-established sci-fi/fantasy shows in “Fringe” and “Supernatural.” But it actually opened to pretty good numbers (especially by NBC standards), and while the ratings have dipped since the premiere, it still handily beats the other two genre shows each week.

I haven’t watched since the second or third episode, however, as I wanted to wait a while, then come back and see if the show was able to overcome the blandness of both David Giuntoli and its procedural cop show format. Conveniently, NBC was able to make tonight’s episode – guest-starring fanboy/girl favorite Amy Acker (who used to work for “Grimm” boss David Greenwalt on “Angel”) as the Monster of the Week – available in advance and I watched…

… and it’s basically the same show it was back in the fall, for good or for ill. There’s a bit more about how Nick is dealing with his newfound celebrity in the local monster community, but otherwise the structure, the style and the lead performance are all largely unchanged. Acker did a nice job, but this still isn’t a show I would make an effort to watch.

For those of you who have stuck with it, was “Tarantella” representative of the show’s growth curve (or lack thereof)? What did you think of both the episode and the season to this point?

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