HitFix First Look: ‘The Office’ stars Jenna Fischer & Angela Kinsey answer fan questions

Senior Television Writer
05.09.13 17 Comments


With only two episodes of “The Office” left to go – another hour-long one tonight at 9 (featuring some terrific Jim and Dwight stuff), and then what is for now a 75-minute episode (and could get longer) next Thursday – I’m feeling awfully nostalgic about our time spent at Dunder-Mifflin, and so are a lot of the actors.

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a behind-the-scenes clip of Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey providing a tour of the set. Today, it’s time for another exclusive with Fischer and Kinsey, this time answering fan questions about which “Office” character they most resemble, what it was like filming romantic scenes and, most importantly, which “Office” character would survive a winner-take-all tournament to the death. (Both women very quickly arrive at the same conclusion.)

Upfront Week willing, I’m going to write a longer tribute to the life and legacy of “The Office” sometime next week. Whatever you think of it now, this was a great (and influential) comedy for a long time.

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