‘Human Target’ – ‘Kill Bob’: From Russia, with love?

02.01.11 6 years ago 43 Comments


The recent “Human Target” double features aired while I was at press tour, and at this point my interest in the show has waned enough that I never bothered to chase any of those down. Last night, FOX aired a new episode in order to use up the remaining originals before the new 90-minute “Idol”/”Breaking In” schedule launches in a few weeks, and since it was a light viewing night, I gave “Kill Bob” a chance. And while the action sequences and the chemistry between Valley, McBride and Haley remains just strong enough that I’ll watch under those conflict-free circumstances, the changes that the new production team have made have not only not made me more excited about the show, but have actually decreased my enjoyment level from last year’s ambivalence. Ames adds little, the Chance/Ilsa romantic angst feels terribly forced, and adding some kind of personal parallel for each case has yet to make me care even an iota more about any of the clients.

Not sure if I’ll get around to writing about the season’s last two episodes, so I’m curious – particularly given the level of vitriol many of you aimed at the revamp – who’s still watching, and how you’re feeling about season two at this point. And, more specifically, what did everybody think of “Kill Bob”?

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