‘Human Target’ – ‘Taking Ames’: Everytime I think I’m out…

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A quick review of tonight’s “Human Target” coming up just as soon as I give my stepkid a ride to his flute lesson…

Though “Taking Ames” is ostensibly about giving backstory to the team’s newest member, its strengths lay less with her than in seeing Chance and Guerrero talk a bit about their own decisions to come work the other side of the street. We’ve seen the flashbacks to how Chance became a good guy, and it’s never really been explained with Guerrero, but the two men have this background in common, and adding a third reformed criminal – albeit a thief rather than a killer – to the mix only emphasizes that, and again provides an easy opportunity to put Mark Valley and Jackie Earle Haley together.

As for what Ames brings to the table on her own? Well, obviously she brings the opportunity for the producers to have Janet Montgomery strip down, grease up and crawl through ductwork, ala Groundskeeper Willie. But she’s definitely a much less compelling character than our main three, and even after her big spotlight episode I still don’t have a sense of why she decided to give up thieving to work with this crew, etc.

Still, “Taking Ames” had a bunch of fun stuff, like Ilsa interrupting a Guerrero torture session to note that she’s on the board of Amnesty International (it was the first Ilsa-messes-with-the-guys’-fun moment that was actually funny), Chance MacGyver’ing a defibrilator to save the guy he killed, and the resolution with the group letting Chicago go free to have his way with the bad guy. Chance and company may be heroes, but they don’t always play clean, and it’s nice that the show isn’t moving away from that, even as Ilsa seems to get the vapors every five seconds from watching them work.

So what did everybody else think? And three episodes into the new regime, how’s season two working for you?

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