Keeping things in moderation: ‘Sherlock’

Senior Television Writer
04.30.12 29 Comments


Turns out Thursday night’s “Boardwalk Empire” Emmy panel (which I hope to post clips of sometime in the next few days) wasn’t the only TV-related event I’ll be moderating over the next week or so. This Thursday, May 3, at 6 p.m. Eastern, I’ll be in New York at the Apple Store SoHo to talk about “Sherlock” with writer Steven Moffat and his producing partner (and wife) Sue Vertue, in advance of that show’s American premiere on PBS on Sunday, May 6.

Where the “Boardwalk” event was streamed live, my understanding is that this “Sherlock” Q&A (some with me, some with the audience) will be available to download as a video podcast at a later date. I’ll offer those details when I have them.

I’ve seen all three parts of “Sherlock” season 2 and am very excited to have this show back. (Though, as with the first season, the middle episode lagged behind the other two.) Based on the response last year, and my “Doctor Who” coverage during the period when there was a lag between British and American airings, my guess is that many of you have already watched the entire second season, so I’ll ask you to be vague in the comments out of respect for both my spoiler policy and the American viewers who haven’t seen it yet.

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