‘Lost’: The B.S. Report

05.24.10 7 years ago 122 Comments

ABC/Mario Perez

Bill Simmons invited me as the first of three guests (the other two are his buddy Gus and Chuck Klosterman) to talk about the “Lost” finale on today’s “B.S. Report” podcast. (And recording that podcast overrode any attempt that Fienberg and I might have made to do a special Monday Firewall & Iceberg podcast devoted to “Lost.” Rest assured we will spend a lot of Wednesday’s show on it.) My thoughts aren’t much different than what I expressed in last night’s review, but Bill does suggest a couple of “Lost” spin-offs that hadn’t occurred to me in all my talk of a Sawyer/Miles cop show or a Ben/Locke high school drama.

Perhaps when I’ve had a fuller night’s sleep, my opinion might change, but I’m curious – especially since the comments in the original post have now topped the 400 mark – whether any of you woke up this morning feeling differently about “The End” than you did when it finished last night, whether for better or for worse.

And please remember, as always: be civil. You can disagree about the quality of the finale without attacking those you disagree with. Talk about the show, not each other.

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