‘Louie’ – ‘So Old/Playdate’: Don’t blame me. I voted for Dukakis.

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07.13.10 16 Comments


I’ve been dealing with hellacious computer difficulties the last two days (sometimes, kids, it’s important to have more than one hard drive backup, apparently), so I unfortunately don’t have the time or equipment to do a proper review of the fourth episode of “Louie,” which was the last I got to see before writing my review a few weeks back. All I’ll say is that Louie’s dirty talk with the groupie still has me laughing, that I enjoyed the change-of-pace with the visits to Louie’s therapist, and was happy to see Pamela Adlon as the playdate mom, even though I disliked “Lucky Louie” (where Adlon played Louie’s wife). Also, I’m not sure if Bobby Cannavale had a random cameo because he’s friends with Louis C.K., or because they’re setting him to return in a more prominent role later.

Don’t know if I’ll be getting any more episodes in advance, but I hope to have time (and a working computer) to do longer write-ups as this fantastic comedy continues its first season.

What did everybody else think?

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