March Mayhem returns with more Heroes vs. Villains from movies & TV

Senior Television Writer
03.16.15 5 Comments

Last night, the NCAA announced the teams that will compete in this year's March Madness men's college basketball tournament. Now it's time for the return of our own take on bracketology, with year 2 of our March Mayhem Heroes vs. Villains tournament.

A year ago, we picked 64 of our favorite good guys and bad guys from movies and television and pitted them – and, more importantly, their fanbases – against each other. To the surprise of many, fans of “Xena: Warrior Princess” rode in to trounce all comers. This year, we kept the top two finishers from each bracket (which gives Xena a chance to defender her crown), but otherwise brought in fresh blood. Voting for the first round begins now, so go vote, then come back here and yell at us about seeding, notable snubs (many of which could wind up in next year's tournament), etc.

Have fun.

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