‘Men of a Certain Age’ – ‘If I Could, I Surely Would’: The lady or the tramp?

12.06.10 7 years ago 17 Comments


I offered a general review of the first couple of episodes of “Men of a Certain Age” season two earlier today, and now I have a few specific thoughts on the season premiere, coming up just as soon as I eat pasta in a bikini…

Good to have the show back, and feeling like itself. A few bullet points:

• I was so relieved that Terry’s big sale turned out to be a set-up by Owen Sr. It would have felt like such a cheat, and so unlike the show, if he had closed his first sale on his own almost immediately after getting that pep talk. This way, on the other hand, just illustrated that even in semi-retirement, Owen Sr. probably has a better hand for management than our Owen.

• Also, interesting to see how off his game Marcus has become. He does not seem to be the man Owen thought he was bringing back.

• Good to see hotel Michelle back, and to see Joe keep his neuroses in check long enough to close the deal this time. In our interview, Ray Romano joked that every one of his pitches in the writers room this year involved Joe with a pretty woman, but this one feels authentic.

• Both our single guys getting action this week, though it’s never all that surprising with Terry. Hope we see more of the versatile, funny Mo Collins, who played Terry’s first waitress friend. Also laughed at his request for a ride after he cuts their lovemaking short at exactly 20 minutes.

• The guys making fun of Joe’s glasses was funny, but almost immediately after I laughed at Terry’s “fake nose and glasses” joke, it occurred to me that while Scott Bakula is a very handsome man, the good lord did not exactly bless him with a small nose either.

• Manfro! Who doesn’t love Manfro? My only concern there is why Joe couldn’t have paused the conversation for, like, three seconds to send an “Met a girl, sorry” text, which would have averted the garbage can vandalism that we all knew was coming almost from the moment Manfro turned up.

What did everybody else think?

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