‘Modern Family’ – ‘See You Next Fall’: Big man fall down, go boom?

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05.19.11 36 Comments


As has been the case for much of this week, upfronts mania is getting in the way of longer reviews, but I have a few thoughts on last night’s “Modern Family” coming up just as soon as I mock you with a hurtful rhythmic taunt…

Though I’ve found season two on a whole to be somewhat disappointing, the show has been on a real roll these last few weeks, and outside of the Mitchell/Cam subplot(*), “See You Next Fall” continued that strong trend. The Dunphy stories in particular showcased the show’s formula of silliness plus heart at its best; Claire and Phil’s conversation after the bike chain came off felt genuinely warm, and then wonderfully set up that hilarious moment in the tag when they get too excited at Haley wanting to get a bite with them. (Sarah Hyland’s reaction to the hug was terrific.)

(*) At ABC’s upfront, they showed a “Modern Family” highlight reel that was so full of pratfalls it could have easily convinced a newcomer to the show that it’s about a bunch of clumsy people who fall down a lot. So I was actually weirdly amused to see Cam actually fall repeatedly in the teaser. Overall, though, it continued the trend this season of making Cam so dramatic in his over-sensitivity that he becomes a little unpleasant to watch.

Jay’s temporary paralysis was also a good running gag, highlighted by Manny realizing he needed a lefty Phantom mask, as was Luke’s attempt to move things with his mind, which I suppose allowed them to pay off the closed gate problem without having to devote precious story time in a crowded episode to showing Cam fixing it.

What did everybody else think?

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