Most anticipated returning TV shows of 2015: ‘Americans,’ ‘Mad Men’ and more

Senior Television Writer
12.31.14 24 Comments


Get ready to spend a lot of 2015 saying goodbye to long-running TV shows. In a TV season that's already had series finales for “Boardwalk Empire,” “Sons of Anarchy” and “The Newsroom,” the next few months will bring to an end some all-time classics (“Mad Men,” “Parks and Recreation”), some shows that could achieve greatness at times (“Justified,” “Parenthood,” “Cougar Town,” “Nurse Jackie”), former pop culture sensations (“Glee,” “Two and a Half Men”), and even some shows that flew under the radar but had an awful lot of fun doing so (“Strike Back”), among others.

In looking at the shows whose returns we're most anticipating in 2015, Fienberg and I definitely picked out some of those concluding comedies and dramas, but we also took note of a lot of great shows with plenty of life left in them, including some of the very best series of 2014.

As always, we're mainly focused on the first few months of the year, since we have no idea when a lot of shows will be airing past March (even if we can assume, say, that “Mad Men” and “Game of Thrones” will once again start sometime around April). We also didn't count a lot of broadcast network series that are just on brief winter hiatuses (including “Parenthood”), preferring to focus on shows that have been off the air for a while (or will have been by the time their next season debuts).

So take a look and then tell us which veteran shows you're most looking forward to seeing come back in the new year.

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