NBC sets ‘Friday Night Lights’ premiere date

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02.02.11 3 Comments


Apologies for “Friday Night Lights” taking over the blog this afternoon, but between the series finale airing a week from tonight on DirecTV and NBC just announcing the date when it will begin airing that final season, it’s kind of unavoidable. Plus, the show’s great.

Anyway, last week I noted that the season 5 DVD set would be released on April 5, and today NBC announced that the first episode of season 5 won’t air on their network until 10 days later, April 15, at 10 p.m. So every single episode of the season will be available on DVD before any of them air on NBC. If you want to wait to watch ’em weekly, you can; if you want to binge on all 13 at once, you can do that without having to wait.

(BTW, after last week’s post, I’ve decided that the simplest approach to reposting my DirecTV reviews is to wait till each episode has aired on NBC. If you’re watching on a different schedule via DVD, they’re easy to find in the blog’s siderail.)

And though those of you without DirecTV may not want to listen to it until April at the earliest, let me again remind you that Dan and I are going to record a salute to “Friday Night Lights” podcast and are soliciting questions/topics of discussion in the post I just linked to.

Clear eyes, full hearts… fantastic final season. You’re gonna love it – however you choose to watch it.

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