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03.11.14 9 Comments

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Just a few housekeeping notes before I head to California for a few days:

* The most prominent part of my trip will be moderating the “Veronica Mars” panel at PaleyFest – here's my review of the film, in case you missed it – on Thursday night. Based on my experience moderating “Community” a few years ago (in a smaller venue than the Dolby Theater), these things tend to be a zoo, but if you're there and get the opportunity to say to me, please do so. I'm very friendly, scruffy beard notwithstanding. And if you're not going to be there but have some burning questions for Kristen Bell and the gang, I'm open to taking requests if they're good ones, either in the comments or via email.

* I'll be doing a variety of other interviews and things while I'm in town, partly as catch-up for missing press tour in January with my bum leg. As a result, I won't be near my computer as much as in a normal week, and some shows might have to get skipped, review-wise – or, at least, given pretty short, “what did you guys think?” shrift. I'm guessing tonight's comedies will not get covered, for instance. I'll do what I can, especially for the things I've already seen like “Justified” and “The Americans,” but writing is more complicated on the road.

* Somewhat related to that, I've gotten a few comments about the lack of recent “Parenthood” reviews. Two weeks ago, I had time to watch but not review the episode, while I haven't even had time to watch last week's yet. I'd been reaching a point where the show wasn't as much fun for me to review, even in weeks when I enjoyed the actual episodes a lot, because they were turning less into a discussion of structure and theme and execution and more into a weekly play-by-play of which Bravermans were doing good and bad jobs at being spouses, parents, siblings or children. Like “Shameless” and some other shows I like but don't cover weekly, I think I'm going to take greater pleasure simply watching the episodes, and perhaps weighing in on occasion if they do something noteworthy (whether good, bad or simply momentous).

* Due to my travels and Dan's, any Firewall & Iceberg content this week will likely happen no sooner than Thursday.

* Check back here in early evening Eastern, mid-afternoon Pacific, for an interview that I imagine will be of interest to many of you.

As a wise man once said, see ya in LA, Marvin…

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