Review: ‘Community’ – ‘Conventions in Space and Time’

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02.21.13 138 Comments


I’m on vacation this week, but I saw tonight’s “Community” in advance, and have one or two thoughts on it coming up just as soon as we touch tentacles and download…

More than the premiere, “Conventions of Space and Time” (the other episode that Sony chose to send out in advance of the season) had me concerned that the new creative team had constructed a simulation of “Community” where many of the details were right, but something seemed missing. I can see how most of the elements of this one make sense as an episode of “Community” – except for Annie alone in the hotel room, pretending to be married to Jeff, which was just odd and left Alison Brie looking uncomfortable and confused for the first time in the show’s run – but other than Pierce as a focus testing nightmare for the American “Inspector Spacetime,” pretty much none of it worked. It’s not even really a high-concept episode (which can be harder to pull off), but one that just takes place almost entirely off campus (and without the dean or Chang). And almost all of it fell flat.

What did everybody else think?

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