Season finale talkback: ‘The Returned’ – ‘The Horde’

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12.19.13 46 Comments


The first season “The Returned” just finished airing on Sundance, though international viewers of course saw it a while back. You know how much I liked the show when I first reviewed it (having seen all the episodes), and now I want to open up the discussion with no worry about spoilers. Keeping in mind that there will be another season, how did y’all feel about the first? 

As I noted in that review, “The Returned” does a lot of things that would drive me nuts in a sci-fi/fantasy series that wasn’t this good at characterization, tension and mood, but I’m curious whether any of you wanted to throw up your hands when Adele’s cop boyfriend just kept staring at the surveillance monitors, or when other characters showed such a lack of curiosity into what was causing this phenomenon, or when so little was explained at the end. I don’t think answers are necessary with this kind of show – often, trying to explain the mysterious does shows more harm than good – but not everyone feels that way.

So did you feel hypnotized by “The Returned” or hustled? Did you come to feel for Victor or just find him the creepiest child of all time the whole time? Do you remain as amazed as I was by the casting of the two redheaded sisters? And are you looking forward to the second season, whenever Sundance winds up airing it?

Have at it.

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