Series premiere review: ‘Do No Harm’ – ‘Pilot’

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01.31.13 27 Comments


I didn’t have time to write a review of NBC’s “Do No Harm,” though Dan and I discussed it for a while on this week’s podcast. The short version: though I like Steven Pasquale, this is a weird show that can’t entirely settle on a tone, covering the same modern Jekyll & Hyde territory(*) that Steven Moffat’s “Jekyll” handled so much better a few years back.

(*) IGN’s Matt Fowler pointed out to me on Twitter that Pasquale’s character, if you just use the initial of his first name, is J. Cole. Sigh.

I’ve seen two episodes and while I didn’t hate it, I also didn’t feel the need to see any more, other than out of some latent “Freaks and Geeks” loyalty to Samm Levine. But I’m curious how those of you who tuned in tonight felt about it. Did you think it handled the shift between the two personae well, or did the attempt to graft a real-life psychological condition onto things seem ridiculous? Were you happy to see Phylicia Rashad back on NBC Thursdays again as Cole’s boss? To see Alana de la Garza from “Law & Order” (and, briefly, “Law & Order: LA”) as the confused love interest? And will you watch again?

Have at it.

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