The 2009-10 season: What did you start watching?

05.27.10 7 years ago 216 Comments


Can you guess what these Been longer than planned since my last group of four pictures, but the end of the season really kicked my behind, time-wise.

Rather than use this one as a guessing game, I thought instead I’d use it as a springboard for people to talk about what new shows they picked up over the course of the just-completed 2009-10 season. (And, yes, I know “Justified” is a cable show and is still airing, and that the idea of the “official” TV season is fairly antiquated, but we’re in a lull here for a bit, so work with me, okay?) 

This was a very strong year for new product, I thought. You’re lucky to get one great new comedy in a season, and this year we got two in “Community” and “Modern Family.” (Three if you want to act like the six-episode debut season of “Parks and Recreation” last spring didn’t happen.) It was such a busy year, in fact, that I quickly lost touch with a perfectly-fine show like “The Good Wife.” (I recently caught up on the season’s last few episodes On Demand, and I’m in line with Fienberg’s take on the series.)

Anyway, what new shows did you start watching this year (and/or what old shows did you pick up for the first time and decide to stick with)? 

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