‘The Good Wife’ – ‘Foreign Affairs’: A win-lose situation

04.13.11 7 years ago 65 Comments


A quick review of last night’s “The Good Wife” coming up just as soon as I watch this scene from “The Hunt for Red October” again…

The vast majority of “Foreign Affairs” was not “The Good Wife” at its finest. The show often seems more amused with itself than I am with it when they bring in real legal and political celebrities – in this case, Fred Dalton Thompson – for stories, and the bits with the slightly off-camera dictator were just plain silly. And virtually everything about that case, and what Eli was up to, were just stalls, ways for the show to kill time so that Alicia’s reaction to the Kalinda/Peter news could come right at the end of the episode.

And it was a hell of a reaction, sure. Julianna Margulies can act more than a little. But I would have liked a more interesting episode leading up to that point. And I think the reaction would have had a much greater impact if Peter had been a more regular presence on the show of late. Chris Noth appears so briefly and infrequently these days that it’s often easy to forget that Alicia’s even still married to the guy, let alone that she can be that hurt by something he did. That the secret also involved Kalinda, who is very much present on the show and in Alicia’s life, obviously complicates things, and helps justify her being that upset, but I still think the whole thing would’ve played better if Peter still felt like an important part of the show, rather than the guy always lurking out of the action and giving Eli something to do.

What did everybody else think?

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