Vote for your favorite former series in HitFix’s Uncanceled Showdown!

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08.12.14 24 Comments

TV cancellation isn't as permanent as it used to be. “Community” is moving to Yahoo, we're allegedly going to get another “Arrested Development” season on Netflix soon, and the “Entourage” cast will soon be infecting a movie theater near you.

But many more shows stay canceled than get to come back, even as we wish it were otherwise. And because it's fun to think about the possibilities, we've decided to do a wildly unscientific poll to determine what show you'd most like to have back, with our first Uncanceled Showdown bracket, featuring 32 shows that we're guessing some or many of you would prefer to have back in your lives.

Some of these shows ended prematurely because they were too expensive (“Deadwood”), some because the network didn't know what to do with them (“Freaks and Geeks”), some because they simply ran out of steam (“Twin Peaks”), and some because they had a terrible name and an ad campaign that made it seem like a show about dog fighting (“Terriers”). But they're all gone, and many is the day where I wouldn't light up at the thought of a new adventure of Al Swearengen, Kim Kelly, Agent Cooper or Hank and Britt.

And if we can't bring them back for real, we can at least vote on which one we most want to see return in some form.

We've divided the bracket into two categories: shows that only lasted a season, and shows that ran a bit longer but remain unfinished in some way. A few of these had brief second lives (the existence of the “Serenity” movie pushes “Firefly” out of the one-season wonder bracket, and “Cupid” already had a failed remake), but most just went away for good.

Some of these shows could be revived today with almost no trouble (I assume that Natalie Morales keeps her “Middleman” costume on her person at all times in case of a surprise resurrection), while others would require a time machine, recasting or a revamp of the concept (maybe you try to find a new teen girl to play Angela Chase, or give “Freaks and Geeks” the “Girl Meets World” treatment where Lindsay and Sam have rebellious kids of their own, or vice versa). You don't have to worry about that, though, because Starz isn't actually going to use these results as the tipping point to bring back “Party Down.” But we can dream, can't we?

So go vote for your favorites. The first round of voting ends on Thursday, August 14 at 5 p.m. Pacific. Round 2 begins on Friday, August 15 at noon Pacific. The winner will be announced on August 28 at noon Pacific.

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