Watch: ‘Community’ stars Donald Glover & Danny Pudi talk about TV’s funniest bromance

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07.27.10 16 Comments


I already recapped the raucous “Community” panel from Comic-Con, and shared one tidbit from my interview with Dan Harmon about the study group’s new professor. Some of my other interviews will hold until closer to the show’s late September premiere, but in the meantime, I wanted to share this video interview I did with the hilarious duo of Donald Glover and Danny Pudi.

If you haven’t watched “Community,” well… you should watch “Community.” But if you do watch it, you know that Glover and Pudi have quickly become one of the funniest duos on television, as well as one of the most surprising. Even Harmon says he didn’t intend for the two to become BFFs (if you watch the early episodes, Glover was mainly placed opposite Chevy Chase), but then he saw the two beat-boxing together during a red carpet interview and realized he had something brilliant on his hands. That led to the “Donde esta la biblioteca” rap, and to all the brilliant tags (the scenes that play over the closing credits) featuring Troy and Abed that followed it.

So after the jump, the interview in two parts, including Glover’s discussion of how being friends with Abed has changed Troy, and both of them on how the other castmembers feel about them dominating the tag in each episode…

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