Who’s ready to watch Alan & Dan on TV talking classic TV characters?

Senior Television Writer
09.19.10 15 Comments

A few weeks back, Fienberg and I were both invited (along with a host of other TV critic types) to appear in TV Guide Network’s “25 Greatest TV Characters of All Time” special, which airs tonight at 8. I’m obviously not allowed to spoil the list, but since the channel’s own story on the list gave away The Fonz, I felt safe in using a picture of Henry Winkler with this story.

Also, I should add that neither Dan, nor I, nor to the best of my knowledge any of the talking heads in the special had anything to do with choosing the list. The closest thing to input I had was choosing which names on the list I was going to comment on.

I’m told I made final cut, but have no idea how much I’ll actually be in the thing, but if you want to see me and/or Dan, or if you want to work yourself into a lather – because list specials like this are designed to provoke counter-arguments so that people will keep talking about the list itself – feel free to tune in at 8, or at one of the many other points this week that TV Guide Network will repeat the thing.

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