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Alyxx Dione

Alyxx Dione (@AlyxxDione)

Appalachia: The Big White Ghetto [The Week]

The Guy Behind Pop Music’s Biggest Hits [Maclean]

There’s Something About Molly [Boston Globe]

Is A Pharrell And adidas Deal Imminent? [High Snob]

Is It Immoral To Watch The Super Bowl? [NY Times]

Don’t Worry About Bringing Weed To Aspen’s Airport [Gawker]

Some Game Companies Pay For Play On Conan’s ‘Clueless Gamer’ Skits [Recode]

The Evolution Of MF DOOM [size?]

What A Chemical Weapons Inspector Packs For Duty [Foreign Policy]

Get Rid Of ‘Viral’ Headlines With This One Weird Browser Extension [The Atlantic]

5 More Stories That Should End ‘Stop And Frisk’ [Giant]

How To DJ For Fun And Profit Without Actually Having Any Idea How To DJ [Four-Pins]

Charlamagne Tha God: Rihanna’s The Realest Since Tupac [Uproxx]

Larry David Insults Your Life for Three Minutes [The Urban Daily]

14-Year-Old Boy Allegedly Kills 17-Year-Old Sister Over Laundry [Rolling Out]

Chrissy Teigen’s Grammys Preparation Involves NSFW Instagrams, Because Of Course [Huff Post]

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