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Cyn Santana

The Silk Road Is Dead, But The ‘Dark Web’ Lives On [The Verge]

Facebook Pushes Passwords One Step Closer To Death [Wired]

How The FBI Cracked Snowden’s Email Provider [NYT]

5 Reasons Drake Needs To Respond To Kendrick, Now [Urban Daily]

Instagram Will Have Ads. Get Over It [Business Week]

Nicole The Pole’s Top Stripper Pole Moves [Giant]

Charity Is Sexy – Science! [Peeperz]

Woman Shot Dead Outside U.S. Capitol After Ramming White House Gates [HHW]

What’s The Most-Shared Media Site In Your State? [Bit.ly]

Best Political Fundraiser Ever Includes Free Joints, Held At Brewery [Denver Post]

‘Exasperated’ Obama Tells Congressional Leaders He ‘Will Not Negotiate’ [Wash Post]

Full Measures: Using Social To Watch “Breaking Bad” [Zocalo]

What to Do When Your Parents Follow You on Social Media [GQ]

Got Grand Theft Auto V? Join the TSS Crew via Rockstar’s Social Club. [RMF]

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