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05.23.13 4 years ago 5 Comments

Johanie Taylor

10 Awful Pick-Up Lines Only Rappers Can Get Away With [Guy Code]

Richard Hamilton Got A Few Pairs Of “Black Toe” Jordan Is [Complex]

In World of Wrestling, Trying to Keep It Real [NY Times]

Accidental Find Shows Vitamin C Kills Tuberculosis [AFP]

Samsung Says It’s Ok To Stalk With The Galaxy S4 [Giant]

In Pictures: Curren$y Does Dallas [Chan-Lo]

Do Twitter-Friendly Song Titles Make a #Difference? [Billboard]

5 Reasons David Stern Is On Suicide Watch [The Urban Daily]

Why The Internet Was Created: Edition 5.20 [Crunktastical]

Wolf Blitzer Asked An Atheist Tornado Survivor If She Thanked The Lord [Warming Glow]

Damon Lindelof Finally Opens Up About Alice Eve’s Panties [Film Drunk]

Enough Already With The Manti Te’o Jokes [With Leather]

‘TMNT’ Movie Set Pics: Well, This Does Not Look Promising [Unreality]

Bluegrass Cover of Daft Punk’s ‘One More Time’ Is Rather Excellent [Brobible]

Original, Vintage & Retro Sneakers, The Hypebeasts & OG’s That Love Them [TSFJ]

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