The 10 Best Bad Boy Singles Not Made By Biggie Smalls

By 01.30.14

10 Best Bad Boy Songs

On Wednesday, reports came in that Puffy either has shut down Bad Boy Records or will be soon enough. Whether the story is true or not, it got us thinking about Bad Boy’s legacy. Looking back over the years, every one of us can recall a handful of successful Bad Boy singles we grew up on and called our own. Despite the inkling to think most of them featured the label’s Notorious superstar, many were actually songs Puffy helped pull out of other artists from his versatile roster and distribute to the world.

Whether Puff had anyone’s best intentions in mind aside from his own is always up for debate, but we’re sure you’ll agree these were some of the best non-Chris-Wallace-associated singles Bad Boy has to offer.

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1. 112 – “Cupid”

Sure, some of the later material from Puff’s original R&B superstars might be more readily approved, but this slow burning love letter from the group’s 1996 self-titled debut will break the heart of even the toughest of cookies.

2. Puff Daddy Feat. Ma$e – “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down”

During the shiny suit Bad Boy era, Puffy and Mas$e were mainstream rap’s tag-team champions. They were everywhere and whether people liked that or not, most had a hard time denying their extremely fly Grandmaster Flash flip.

3. The Lox Feat. DMX & Lil Kim – “Money, Power & Respect”

By teaming the Yonkers trio with two of rap’s biggest stars and having them harp on Tony Montana’s famous ethos, Puff set Jadakiss and crew up for major success with this monster 1998 single. Then, he didn’t do anything with them ever again.

4. Shyne – “That’s Gangsta”

From the first horn strikes to lyrics about busting at secret agents, this crime scene creating joint from Puff’s gun runner is so G’d up we’re surprised it was even a single in the first place.

5. Black Rob – “Whoa!”

If you were of age when Black Rob’s True Story came out in 1999, there’s a 100% chance you still throw a little Black Rob into your everyday vocabulary, now and again. Don’t front. You know it’s true.

6. Carl Thomas – “I Wish”

Considering damn near everyone of us has that one we wish we never met, there’s no wonder why this passionate groove from the soulful Bad Boy member got endless burn in 2000.

7. G-Dep Feat. P.Diddy, Ghostface, G-Dep & Craig Mack – “Special Delivery (Remix)”

Before he was confessing to murder, G-Dep was part of a semi-successful Bad Bay resurgence for the new millennium that featured a high priority single from his Child Of The Ghetto debut. However, the star-studded remix was far superior to the original and highlight of his short-lived career.

8. Mario Winans Feat. P.Diddy – “I Don’t Wanna Know”

Another Bad Boy one hit wonder was Mario Winans, who used a killer interpolation from arguably the best Fugees song and a family history of soulful songwriting prowess to knock out this radio killing slow jam.

9. Gorilla Zoe Feat. Lil Wayne – “Lost”

After making his name was a rather generic debut single, Gorilla Zoe stepped his game up to a whole other planet with this spacey mind trip of a single from his surprising Don’t Feed Da Animals.

10. Janelle Monae Feat. Miguel – “Primetime”

Considering half of you probably didn’t realize Miss Monae was backed by Bad Boy, this one might be a shocker. To those of you who did, this inclusion can be a topic of debate over which Jannelle jam is tops. We’re currently stuck on this beauty.

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